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Welcome to the Cats Protection volunteer page for Dereham Adoption Centre

Good news!

We are now fully open to the public (and the cats) and we are now in the position to recuit volunteers for the Centre in the future.

At present, we have opportunities Friday, Saturday and Sunday Cat Care Volunteers....

If you are interested in this role, please do apply via the link below....

For general volunteering queries, please do contact us on norfolk.volunteering@cats.org.uk

Cat Care Volunteer

Across Cats Protection our feline friends looking for new homes are cared for either at our adoption centres, by volunteer fosterers in their own homes or in purpose built pens in their gardens. Our cat care volunteers are part of a passionate team that look after and meet the needs of cats whilst they are in our care. This is an exciting role for cat lovers, as our cat care volunteers get to spend time directly with the cats when cleaning their pens, helping with feeding and when enriching their lives before they find their forever homes. 

Closing date: 01 Feb 2019
Green fingers volunteer

Whilst we do everything we can to find new and loving homes for the cats in our care, it is a reality that our feline friends will have to spend some time in a rescue environment. Our ‘green fingers’ volunteers use their passion for the outdoors to help make our Cats Protection sites welcoming and enjoyable places for cats, people and wildlife. Cats are more likely to be rehomed if they are content in their environment, and members of the public are more likely to visit their local Cats Protection site if it is an enjoyable place to be.

Closing date: 04 Feb 2019